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The Albert Group has 36 years of experience gaining approvals for community projects with:


-local neighborhood associations and community groups

-local building departments

-county building departments, health departments, flood control districts

-state agencies including the division of state architect, fish and game, and water districts


We are especially experienced with making public presentations to local staff, user groups, neighborhood commissions and city councils. Each of these groups is invited to participate in our design process.


Involving community users in the decision process helps establish consensus on functional goals, project priorities, space adjacencies, and needs for flexibility or expansion.


Together, we explore options, reach consensus, and, through the use of our 3D modeling programs, create a virtual building. We will walk through the facility during the design process. We will see how the structure interacts with the mechanical systems, how daylight shapes and enlivens each space and how it will feel to work, play, read, and learn within the proposed building.

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