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2032 Stoner Ave., Studio A
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Albert Group is a full-service architecture firm founded in 1979 by Stephen Albert, AIA.

Since our inception, we have designed numerous built structures. We have designed local government buildings, community centers, recreation centers, private and public K-12 schools, higher education buildings, religious buildings, multifamily residential buildings, shops, stores, industrial buildings, warehouses, corporate campuses, office buildings, creative office spaces, single-family homes, and restaurant spaces.

We are a modern architecture practice. We are constantly learning, constantly adapting, and constantly changing the way we think about and approach the design of buildings.

We learn from our clients, we learn from our communities, from engineers, from contractors, from other designers, and we learn from ourselves and our past work.


We are updating our website and can't wait to share soon what we've been up to.


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