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812 Huntley Dr. townhomes


812 Huntley Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA

Bronze Award

Los Angeles Business Journal 

2021 CRE Awards--Multi-family

Citation Award

AIA Los Angeles

Category: Multi-Residential – Small

2022 AIA Residential Architecture Awards

In the words of the AIA LA 2022 Residential Architecture awards jury, "Using streamlined aesthetics on the exterior and quality materials in the units, the Huntley is a contemporary nod to Irving Gill’s form and creative style."

The building sits on a square lot (after 2 single lots were merged into 1) on Huntley Dr. between the vibrant commercial corridors of Santa Monica Blvd. and Melrose in West Hollywood. This part of Huntley is composed of single-family homes and other multifamily residential buildings. The strong influence of the Pacific Design Center, which is immediately adjacent to and at points seems to loom above Huntley, is felt. 

The building schematic architecture is 2 main wood residential stories on top of 1 subterranean concrete parking level, organized around a central landscaped-courtyard in a U-shaped scheme. Each of the 5 units is accessed from the exterior courtyard on the ground level. 

5 units total; each 2-bedroom and 2-baths. Each of the units is served by its own stairway connecting 4 levels (the subterranean room, the two main living stories, and the roofdeck level). Each unit has its own access to its own roofdeck. There is 1 entrance to the subterranean garage at the front of the building off of Huntley. 

Inspiration for the design comes from the work of Irving Gill, specifically, his Dodge House in West Hollywood and Horatio Court, in the Venice neighborhood. The exterior walls are white stucco and, at the base of the building, board-formed concrete. The windows have aluminum frames painted black, and the front windows facing west are topped with black-painted steel "eyebrows" that provide shade. The unit balcony railings are black-painted steel.

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Design start:

Planning / Zoning approval:

Building permit issued (or Ready-to-Issue):

Construction start:

Substantial completion / Certificate of Occupancy:


Type VA over Type IA






Building & construction data

Scope of construction project:

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Project delivery method:

Occupancies (CBC):

Construction Types (CBC):

Total building area (CBC):

Portion of area within scope (if different):

Height (CBC):

# Total vehicle parking:

# Residential vehicle parking:

# Non-residential vehicle parking:

15,600 SF


Zoning / Planning / Entitlements

Total site parcel(s) area:

Zone(s) at time of design:

Relevant regulatory framework:

Other zoning:

Housing & residential

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