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2869 Francis Ave. apartments

2869 Francis Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"110-unit development moves forward" (Urbanize LA)

Located on four contiguous lots on Francis Avenue in the booming Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, this proposed project is comprised of 110 units, 11 of which are Low-Income Units, and anticipates adding 27 Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a second phase. All units are micro-studios ranging in size from 306 sf – 386 sf, each with its own balcony. The scheme features 4 stories of wood construction, arranged as a U-shaped courtyard and expressed as a contemporary ”intervention,” over a generous Type I concrete donut-shaped courtyard podium level, clad in bricks with large arched openings bound by thickened “columns,” expressed as a more traditional, if not industrial “relic.” The scheme also includes one level of subterranean parking with 45 parking spaces, and the first level accommodates an additional 24 spaces intended for conversion to future ADU’s.

The Project totals approximately 60,000 sf, and features a large community co-working space fronting the street and bleeding into a two tiered central courtyard space which includes a range of amenities such as a fire pit and a barbq / dining area, as well as options for more private outdoor spaces for work or study. The building top level features units with extremely tall ceilings and sleeping lofts as well as more isolated but flexible common open spaces for activities such as sunbathing or practicing yoga. This proposed project utilizes incentives from the City’s Transit Oriented Communities Program in effort to offer more affordable rents in a City and market in desperate need.

110 micro-unit apartment units with 11 ELI units. Average unit size 360 SF. 

101 studios, 3 X 1-bedrooms, 5 X 2-bedrooms, and 1 X 3-bedroom unit.

5 stories total: 4 levels Type 3A construction over 1 grade-level Type 1A story over 1 subterranean 1A story. 69 vehicle parking spaces on the 2 Type 1A levels.

The exterior is a composition of red brick arches, white smooth-troweled stucco, corten steel at the top-story units, black steel guards, and black anodized windows and doors.

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Design start:

Planning / Zoning approval:

Building permit issued (or Ready-to-Issue):

Construction start:

Substantial completion / Certificate of Occupancy:


Type IIIA over Type IA






Building & construction data

Scope of construction project:

Scope of architectural services provided:

Project delivery method:

Occupancies (CBC):

Construction Types (CBC):

Total building area (CBC):

Portion of area within scope (if different):

Height (CBC):

# Total vehicle parking:

# Residential vehicle parking:

# Non-residential vehicle parking:

60,500 SF


Zoning / Planning / Entitlements

Total site parcel(s) area:

Zone(s) at time of design:

Relevant regulatory framework:

Other zoning:

Housing & residential

Total # residential units:

Bedroom mix / breakdown:

Average unit size:





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