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Albert Group

18719 Calvert assisted living

18719 Calvert Street, Tarzana, CA, USA

Assisted and special needs housing for seniors. The cluster of two story buildings are set on 6 acres of heavily landscaped grounds. The low scale, large street setbacks and architectural theme are meant to comment on the neighborhood of 1 acre mini-mansions. There are five internal clusters of 24 units each that focus on a satellite dining room where all meals are served. The dining rooms are open on to decks on the central courtyard to allow residents to seek out a setting that makes them feel the most comfortable. The Calvert project is one of many assisted living projects completed nationwide by The Albert Group.

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Design start:

Planning / Zoning approval:

Building permit issued (or Ready-to-Issue):

Construction start:

Substantial completion / Certificate of Occupancy:


Type VA





Building & construction data

Scope of construction project:

Scope of architectural services provided:

Project delivery method:

Occupancies (CBC):

Construction Types (CBC):

Total building area (CBC):

Portion of area within scope (if different):

Height (CBC):

# Total vehicle parking:

# Residential vehicle parking:

# Non-residential vehicle parking:

74,500 SF


Zoning / Planning / Entitlements

Total site parcel(s) area:

Zone(s) at time of design:

Relevant regulatory framework:

Other zoning:

Housing & residential

Total # residential units:

Bedroom mix / breakdown:

Average unit size:





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