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Albert Group

Conejo Community Park & Center (RFP proposal)

1175 Hendrix Ave, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA

Albert Group Architects submitted a schematic design and architectural services proposal for the construction of the new Conejo Community Park building. The design responded to the requirements of the RFP, which provided the following in its solicitation of architectural services: 

"Most of the oak-studded 36.4-acre property for Conejo Community Park, also known as “Dover and Hendrix Park”, was transferred from Ventura County to the Conejo Recreation and Park District in 1972. This rolling hillside park has reservable facilities, picnic areas, and a ballfield; it is home to the nature-loving “Outdoor Unit” of the Recreation Division; and it is host to the popular Summer Concerts in the Park series held in the sloped lawn amphitheater. 

Sense of Place is the most significantly cherished component of the current property. The Center and Park is an extension of the residents ’ homes and an integral part of the neighborhood. Memories have been made as families have grown, adventures explored, and friendships made in the peaceful and simple place that is Conejo Community Park. The project aims to provide even more opportunities for those to be gifted for future generations. 

Topography and Natural Features will be preserved and remain intact, while further highlighting the natural value provided to the site. The development will be minimized to alter existing conditions, though major built features will complement the property to balance the developed site and natural terrain. Unique pathways provide connections to multi-sized picnic areas and adjacent properties. The abundance of mature canopy and hillsides lends itself to passive recreational activities; the existing lack of traditional multiple sports fields and courts is viewed as an asset. Additional active recreation areas do not fit via site conditions, scale, or need of the community as other facilities nearby offer those amenities. This balance will provide opportunity for the developed aspects of the property to serve the community better, while the natural features will continue to provide value to the community. 

New Center Building will be expanded to an approximately 15,000 square foot two-story structure while keeping its character and scale that complements the neighborhood. The new building will be brought up to today's construction standards and be given improvements such as additional divided use areas, better interior circulation, natural light, more suitable flooring, and a multitude of additional functional features. The orientation of the building will promote greater circulation for all users while providing scenic views of the property and beyond, connecting center architecture with the natural aesthetics of the site. 

Programming abilities will be expanded with the additional interior and exterior spaces for current and future opportunities. Enhancements will be made for the year-round programs and events, both indoor and outdoor, such as the summer concert series and baseball games with visitor upgrades. Current indoor uses such as preschool, jazzercise, fencing, and table tennis will be provided upgraded facilities, thus creating increased usability and space for all existing established organizations. Outdoor improvements such as a permanent natural amphitheater and an enhanced creek will benefit the summer concert series patrons as well as providing a venue for additional free play and programmed recreational opportunities. With anticipated greater use due to these upgrades, additional exposure for other park assets such as the children ’s garden, main botanical garden, among others, will be heightened."

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15,000 SF

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